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Vegan Guide - When in Berlin

Vegan Guide - When in Berlin

With over 400 restaurants that serve vegan food in Berlin (as listed on the Happycow app), you can just imagine how excited I was for this trip. One of the many few things I consider before I visit a place is the fact that it wouldn't be difficult for me to find a restaurant that serves vegan food. From what I can see, there has been a tremendous rise of veganism over the past year and so it has become a lot easier to be vegan anywhere in the world! 

I really am surprised with how easy it was to be vegan in Berlin. Most coffee shops, cafes and even the smallest rail station food stalls I passed by offered at least 2 or 3 vegan items on their menu and everything is labelled vegan so you wouldn't even have to ask! It truly felt like being vegan in Berlin is the most normal thing you could do!

Quite frankly, 4 days is not enough to go through the restaurants/cafes list (Yes I have a list) that I planned to visit and so I am definitely sure that this blog post will be updated or there will be a part 2 of this.

Below are few of the places I managed to visit during my trip. I was also lucky that the weekend I visited, Berlin was having their Vegan Summer Festival 2018 and so I didn't miss the chance to try as many foods as my tummy could possibly handle.


The Bowl (Location: Warschauer Straße 33)
This is a clean eating restaurant situated in the same building as the all vegan supermarket Veganz. It is quite comparable to the restaurant Farmacy in London. It serves healthy bowls, smoothies, healthy juices and hot drinks. I had the raw flaxseed cracker and sliced raw veggies with guacamole as a starter, caesar salad bowl as main and apple and beetroot juice for my drink. 

QN Vegan Living (Location: Oranienburgerstrasse 7)
One of the many Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin. I mean there were so many of them and this is the first one I visited. It is a 100% vegan restaurant. It is quite small but I like how the restaurant is decorated and the staff are quite nice too. I had the summer rolls with peanut dressing for starters and as a main, a rice dish called Com Nieu (No. 12 on the menu) with pickled tofu stripes, various vegetables, kimchi and rice with bbq sauce. It was very tasty and super filling!


Daluma (Location: Weinbergsweg 3)
A funky cafe that offers the type of food I typically eat, although not a fully vegan restaurant, I would say that their menu is mostly plant-based. The cafe itself is also different from the others I visited as it is more of an Asian sit-on-cushions-eating style and has a very few actual tables. I like the vibe and find it very relaxing. I wasn't quite hungry when I went so I only had a matcha latte and avocado toast with tomato-cashew-creme. 

Momos (Location: Chausseestraße 2)
For your dumplings cravings. They serve organic vegan or vegetarian dumplings that can either be pan-fried or steamed or both and three types of sauces. I had 8 pieces, filled with broccoli-shitake-tofu and pumpkin chickpeas. Four were steamed and the other four were pan-fried. I was fairly full when I went here so I wasn't sure why I didn't enjoy it as much. Or maybe because it wasn't really just as good? Not sure. However it has really good reviews on the happycow app and tripadvisor. And I finished eating all 8 dumplings.

Soy (Location: Rosa-Luxemburg-straße 30 - 10 minutes walk from Alexanderplatz)
The 2nd Vietnamese Restaurant I visited. It was a tough decision against all the other Vietnamese Restaurants on my list (yes, I listed them all out!) and I am glad I chose this. I originally wanted the summer rolls but it wasn't available so I had the Banh Bao, which is a steamed bun filled with veggies, beans and mushrooms and the highly recommended My Quang which is a traditional rice noodle soup with tofu, seitan, mushroom and peanuts in coconut milk. It was a big bowl. It was delicious. It's like Laksa (my favourite Singaporean dish). I ate it all. I was very happy.

Superfoods and Organic Liquids (Location: Weinbergsweg 23 - right across Daluma)
This wasn't originally on my list and I am quite disappointed that I didn't come here sooner! This is my favourite, of all the places I ate at. Located in the same street as Daluma, right across the road, this place is my idea of heaven. The name of the place alone is enough to convince me that I would love this place even before I visited it! And yes, this is MY PLACE. The menu. Oh the menu, it's VERY ME. Smoothie bowls, chia puddings, quinoa bowls, superfood salads, avocado toast, cold-pressed juices, bircher muesli,  immunity shots, green smoothie bowls, nut mylks. I mean hello?! If I am to open my own vegan cafe, this would be it.
I ordered two items from the menu and I had to stop myself from ordering more! I had the bircher muesli, GF vegan waffles and a cup of coffee.

I must say, the foods were exactly how I make them at home! I will visit this place, EVERYDAY, the next time I visit Berlin. That is for sure.



Tofutussis (During the Vegan Festival)
They don't have a restaurant but their food truck can be found on vegan street markets and they were also at the Berlin vegan festival. You could choose from three types of buns (Charcoal, a pink one (beetroot bun maybe?) and a classic bun and four burger flavours. I went for the Charcoal tofu sate burger and I made a perfect choice!

Vincent Vegan (During the Vegan Festival)
Like Tofutussis, they don't have a restaurant (yet) in Berlin but they have one in Hamburg however their food truck was also at the Vegan Festival. I just had to try their sweet potato fries with vegan garlic aioli. It was crunchy, sweet, delicious and salty (too salty for my taste though). For 4.50 euro, I'd say it's quite a decent size of fries. They also serve burgers, currywurst and some kebab type fries.

IMG_0100 2.JPG
The staff are very friendly I must say

The staff are very friendly I must say

Brammibal's Donuts (Location: Maybachufer 8 & Danziger Straße 65)
They have two cafes in Berlin which I didn't get the chance to visit but they were at the Vegan Festival. They were the only one at the event that had a queue even before they started opening! It was very popular and quite honestly, this is probably what really made me decide to visit Berlin. They have a variety of flavours and they are all vegan! The donuts are soft, moist, delicious and something that would make you want to have more than just one piece. I tried the maple smoked coconut, chocolate peanut fudge and passionfruit granola. All three, I ate in one sitting! YES. I REALLY DID. NOT SURPRISED. I COULD DO IT AGAIN.

They also have other flavours which I will definitely try when I visit Berlin again. Salted Caramel Hazelnut, you wait for me ok.

Ice Date (Location: During the Festival)
If you want to eat desserts without feeling guilty, I suggest you try this. Their ice-creams are organic and made from 100% pure vegetables and sweetened with dates (I didn't know this until after I googled them whilst writing this post). It's gluten-free, sugar free, healthy and all natural. What more could you ask for? Obviously, I had to try them all so I bought a serving that has 8 flavours in it! From what I can remember, it has chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla, mango, wildberry, pumpkin and two other more.


Churros, Sweet Bakery (Location: During the Festival)
After having 8 different flavours of ice-cream, my tummy wasn't satisfied yet so I bought some churros. Not really a fan of churros because these ones are fried and smothered in white sugar and chocolate sauce but eff it, I need to have them. As expected, they were super sweet and oily but delicious. I had  5 pieces. All to myself. Yup.


Yoga Eis (Location: During the Festival)
The very first ice-cream stall I spotted at the festival. They have a variety of flavours. I had a pistachio and another flavour which I can't remember, but I think it was vanilla. I originally wanted the coffee one but for some reason it wasn't coffee lol



Veganz (Location: Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain)
An all vegan supermarket that sells an abundance of vegan products you could possibly imagine. Quite pricey, not surprised at all, and most items cannot easily be found in any other stores/shops so it felt like a take it or leave it kind if vibe when I was there. 

There is also a cafe inside the shop called Goodies. The menu looked good but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to eat there so this will be on my list next time.

Bio Company (Location: Various Locations in Berlin)
Definitely the German version of Whole Foods and Planet Organic. It has several branches across Berlin. It sells meat and other meat products but most of the items are vegan. I'd say 80% are vegan and products are clearly labelled. If I am to visit Berlin again for a much longer period, I would buy my grocery here. I found some vegan croissants from their bakery counter!


Coffee Fellows (Location: Various Locations in Berlin)
Not a vegan cafe at all and I only came here for coffee but I saw some smoothie bowls on their menu so I tried the açai bowl which was ok (I mean, honestly I make mine 100% better lol). It mainly serves bagels and sweets and from what I can remember, they had one vegan bagel item on their menu which was avocado and hummus but I didn't try it.

Curry at the Wall (Location: Zimmerstrasse 97 - short walk from Berlin Wall)
A small street-food stall that serves vegan currywurst. Currywurst is considered to be the ultimate German Street food. Basically a sausage with curry sauce and curry powder. This stall sells a vegan version of it. Although I saw other stalls that sell the vegan sausages this was the highly recommended one. I am not really a fan of mock meats but since I was in Berlin, I had to give this a go because the 'wurst' that could happen is me leaving Berlin without eating a currywurst (lol, I tried haha) 

It was super tasty and I really liked it, surprisingly. I could've gone for another 1 or 2 portions, but I had to stop myself in order to make room for other foods :P

It was super tasty and I really liked it, surprisingly. I could've gone for another 1 or 2 portions, but I had to stop myself in order to make room for other foods :P

Below are the other places on my list that I didn't get the chance to visit because there was just not enough time! I only normally eat two full big meals in a day and so having 3 meals and snacks in-between every day whilst I was in Berlin was pushing it, really pushing it too far lol

Rawtastic - fully raw vegan restaurant that was closed. I emailed them to ask if they were open and someone replied and said they are closed but didn't give a reason why.

No.58 Speiserie - good for light healthy breakfast and lunch

Mos Eisley - for vegan ice cream

Cat Tuong - Vietnamese Restaurant that has really good reviews.

Tribeca ice-cream - for super foods ice cream. I made a note to try their pistachio and blue coconut ice cream. Will definitely visit this one next time.

Let it be - this was super close to my Airbnb and I am surprised I didn't get a chance to come here. They sell vegan Crepes and Burgers and was really highly recommended.

Azzam - Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant that has vegan options. For some reason, I didn't crave falafel or hummus whilst in Berlin so I didn't even make the effort to visit this place.

Attaya Cafe - Italian/African fusion cafe with really cute and cosy interior.

No Milk today - I was supposed to try their tofu scramble and açai bowl.

1990 Vegan Living - Another vegan Vietnamese restaurant. It was either this or Soy Restaurant but Soy was closer to where I was at that time so this is definitely on my list for next time!

Savoury Chay - Vietnamese restaurant. I was told to come here and try their vegan pho. Again, for next time.

Lia's Kitchen - aaaah! Just typing this blog post makes me want to go back to Berlin again soon! I made a note to try one of their vegan burger and sweet potato fries, but I was held back because of Tofu Tissis burger and Vincent V fries.

Attila Hildman - for vegan comfort food! Their burgers looked so amazing on instagram and the also have vegan Nutella soft-serve. I am full of regrets right now.

There are so many more!! So many more reasons for me to go visit Berlin again. Watch this space!


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